By following these simple preparation methods to prepare GATE 2017 Exam you can achieve very good rank in GATE exam. Remember the below mentioned preparation tips for GATE Exam and follow them you will be the winner for sure.
In this post we are sharing GATE preparation methods for GATE 2017 for all GATE aspirants irrespective of GATE paper and branch. By following some simple strategies to prepare GATE Exam we can achieve very good rank in our dream exam. As we all know GATE is one of the high competitive entrance examinations of the country. The qualified candidates get admission to M.Tech and other PG programs in Engineering & Sciences and also get job in dream PSU companies. Lakhs of candidates take part in the examination every year, so the competition level is quite high. But the truth is, for example consider 40,000 students applied for GATE Exam, hardly 5000 of them prepare seriously. So you have to compete with these 5000 students all over India. Many people losing their confidence and then they drop the idea of writing GATE. So decide it today itself that you will study hard and get a good rank in GATE. Be brave and confident, your confidence is more important than anything else say your preparation also. A student with good preparation but without confidence will spoil the paper, May be a student who went to exam with little preparation, cool mind and confidence can crack the GATE. So be confident and remember the below mentioned preparation tips for GATE Exam and follow them you will be the winner for sure.
Key points in order to Prepare for GATE Exam:
(1) Understand the GATE syllabus and Analysis of Previous GATE papers.
(2) Gather important resources for GATE Exam.
(3) Start your preparation with dedication.
(4) Make revision notes.
(5) Practice Quizzes and Tests.

We will explain them in detail how the above strategies help you to get good GATE Rank.
(1) Understand the GATE Syllabus and Analysis of Previous GATE Papers.
First and foremost thing before you start your GATE preparation you should understand the GATE Syllabus and also analyse the GATE previous papers. So you will have a clear picture on what are the concepts to study in the GATE subjects and what kind of questions we can expect in GATE exam. Because you have to study the topics not the chapters.
(2) Gather important resources for GATE Exam.
GATE exam tests the basic knowledge of the GATE candidates on the subjects. For this you need to prepare all the basic concepts. For that you need to have some gate material.
If you prefer coaching institute material, you may find the content only related to the syllabus but those materials may not have sufficient information to understand the concepts. 
If you read text books, you will find a lot of information. It is highly suggested when you have enough time to face the GATE Exam and for self preparation for GATE Exam.
In online there is lot of material available, so select necessary and good material. Quizzes and preparation material available online will help you to practice regularly and prepare well.

(3) Start your GATE preparation with dedication.
Start your GATE preparation with the subject which is having good percentage in GATE and also the subject that you are good at. By doing like this you will get confidence. Don't start with the difficult subject. If you do so there may be chances of  demotivation. Never ever demotivate yourself. Always motivate yourself and remember you can do this. Start the gate preparation like this and go on preparing GATE subjects from medium to difficulty levels. And also make sure that do not spend more time on the subjects which are having less percentage in GATE exam.

(4) Make revision notes.
Always ensure that you make notes while preparing for GATE exam while studying standard text books. Make notes like what you understood from the concept. If you do like this you can revise all the subjects and concepts easily whenever you want. You don't need to go to the standard text books again..
Use a separate notebook for formulas and just revise through that because the most important part of gate exam is formulas. Some questions are easily solvable but students forget the formula because of which you may lose marks even for easiest question.

(5) Practice Quizzes and Tests
Join a good test series like ACE ACADEMY GATE TEST SERIES, MADE EASY TEST SERIES and etc. In the last 30 days just solve previous year question papers, give tests daily based on full gate syllabus and revise formulas. Practice makes you perfect and ready for the exam. While practice you may do some mistakes make note of them. Don't do those kind of mistakes in final exam. Practicing previous papers make you faster and accurate. For numeric answer type questions in gate exam you need to practice more and more problems so that you answer them well.

Apart from these points there are some other points to remember.
(6) Practice General Aptitude(GA) and English grammar also because they carry 15% of marks (15 marks) in the gate exam. If you get good marks in this section higher the chances of getting good gate rank.

(7) Try to practice problems with the help of virtual calculator(online calculator). If you do like this you get practice with online calculator also.

(8) Follow some blogs and communities to get updated with gate exam and to clear your doubts. Discussing with other increase your knowledge.

Follow the above gate preparation tips while preparing gate exam. Definitely you will be the winner.

Thank you. Happy Reading.

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