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MyGATEBook.COM is a book of GATE best questions and answers with clear explanations in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) prepared by the alumni of RGUKT. The main theme of this blog is to provide the best questions to the gate aspirants to get gate rank very easily and also one can find all updated information regarding GATE Exam. As of now we are providing questions and answers only. We are planning to provide reading material and mock gate tests also. Soon we will upload them.

About Us
We are alumni of RGUKT. We had taken the GATE exam without coaching and without much preparation also. Still we all got very good ranks in GATE exam. Then we decided that any one can get gate rank. We converted this into our blog motto. We want to share our knowledge to all the gate aspirants and help them to get very good gate ranks. Having basic knowledge in subjects to attempt gate exam is very important. This website is very useful for understanding problems clearly as we are providing answers to the problems with clear explanations.

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Feel free to ask any question to us. Do not hesitate to ask us a question. Always clear any doubt that you have. If you notice any mistakes in questions and answers please bring to our notice so that we can rectify them. The purpose of this site is to give the correct answers. If you have a question that will helpful for other gate aspirants please mail that question to us.

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